Criminal Threats to the Canadian Petroleum Industry.


On this page, all text originated by me is in blue font. Robert T. Chisholm – Associate Member, OSPE.


Based on what follows, basic RCMP assumptions about pipeline safety are being undermined by the conduct of TransCanada Pipelines Inc. . There have been problems with bad workmanship

and improperly-done onsite inspections on their part, during construction of the Keystone Phase 1 and Keystone XL oil pipleine projects. In addition they dismissed-without-cause metallurgical engineer

Evan Vokes for insisting that the work be done properly and for going public with his concerns after the company ignored him. This has extremely serious implications for TransCanada Pipelines Inc.’s

other projects, for instance Energy East.


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“Pipeline Safety Act

A Commitment to World-Class Pipeline Safety

The Harper Government is committed to having a world-class safety system in place for pipelines and other energy transportation and production sectors. No development will proceed unless rigorous environmental and regulatory reviews have indicated they are safe for Canadians and the environment. This ongoing commitment to safety and environmental protection is part of the Government’s plan for Responsible Resource Development, which aims to create high-quality jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity for all Canadians.

Pipelines are a safe, efficient and reliable way to move Canadian oil and natural gas products to market. Between 2008 and 2013, more than 99.999 percent of oil transported via federally regulated pipelines was carried out safely.”


Unfortunately this has to be seen as a “smokescreen” designed to deflect attention away from TransCanada Pipelines Inc. ‘s record of shoddy construction on the Keystone Phase 1 and Keystone XL oil pipeline projects, and what this potentially means for the Energy East project


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As noted below, at present we do not in fact have satisfactory assurances from TransCanada Pipelines Inc. that the Energy East project will be “...completed in accordance with regulations and industry standards...”.


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What about “FEAR OF THE UNKOWN” – for instance fear that there will be major accidents involving explosions and/or leaks?


People can also become “radicalised” when they see companies behaving like corporate bullies in the name of cost-cutting and profits at the expense of safety of workers and the public, by dismissing people responsible for safety for doing their jobs properly and then making it appear that the activists who protest against such behaviours might commit criminal acts – out of desperation, because they see the companies apparently ignoring their concerns.


The incident in Stittsville in October 2013, where Kurtis Benedetti was ejected from a public meeting about the Energy East pipeline after TransCanada Pipelines Inc. complained to the police about him displaying  a sign inside the meeting room, was a case in point. 



TransCanada Pipelines Inc. have a record for bad workmanship and improperly-done or skimped onsite inspections during construction  of the Keystone XL and Keystone Phase 1 projects, and they will also be constructing the Energy East project if it proceeds. They also “dismissed without cause” metallurgical engineer Evan Vokes  for going public with his concerns after the company ignored him.


We have not seen proof that TransCanada Pipelines Inc. have learned properly from their mistakes because they have not apologised to Evan Vokes or compensated him for loss or earnings since his dismissal.


Until this happens, and until we see satisfactory proof that the company has cleaned up its internal management practices, satisfactory assurances cannot be said to exist concerning quality of workmanship on the Energy East project.







April 30th 2015 report:


TransCanada Keystone 1 Pipeline Suffered Major Corrosion Only Two Years In Operation, 95% Worn In One Spot


Evan vokes comments.


This pipeline project was designed by SNC-Lavalin Inc. but on later projects Worley Parsons did/are doing/ the design work.