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By: Robert T. Chisholm B.Sc.Hons.(Eng.)

Date: December 2006



1. Canadians need to be told the unpleasant truth about some things that are going on in their country, with particular reference to under-stating the size and character of the unemployment problem.

 Former Ottawa Citizen publisher Russell Mills said many things about what is wrong in Canada during his speech at an O.C.R.I. Awards Dinner in Ottawa on March 20th 2000, but the true size and character of the unemployment problem was an area which was left out.

 The problems with H.R.D.C. accounting for job-creation grants, reported at length in the media in early 2000 and commented on by Russell Mills, are important but are actually of relatively minor importance - compared with the un-recognised loss of revenue to the tax base, caused by persistent and gross under-reporting of the numbers of unemployed in real terms.

New information - Statistics Canada - IMPORTANT - October 17th 2003 - click HERE

Almost all media reports to date have been based on incomplete statistical information from H.R.D.C. and /or Statistics Canada.



These reports have emphasised the so-called official unemployment rate which totally mis-represents the real numbers of unemployed (e.g . 38,000 officially unemployed in the Ottawa C.M.A. compared with 145,000 unemployed in real terms, as at Fall 1998, based on the O.E.C.D. report Ottawa s Hidden Workforce).

At the same time, Ottawa is doing very well compared with the rest of Canada. But this does not mean that we are doing as well as we should be or could be, by any means.

All Canadians must realise that the problems will never be solved if they are not properly defined in the first place. They cannot, for example, know the true numbers of permanent new full-time jobs needed in Canada if they are not given complete and correct information about the numbers of unemployed persons who want to work and contribute to the tax base. One could make a rough estimate of the numbers of such jobs needed in the whole of Canada as at least 4.3 million, based on the Fall 1998 figures for the Ottawa C.M.A sample (which represents about 1/30th of Canada's total population).

This is critical to ensuring that all Canadians with potential to contribute to the tax base are not excluded from doing so because of general ignorance of the problem or because of bureaucratic red tape.

If we do not set about solving it at once, the results will soon appear in the form of even more severe problems for health care, education etc. - as if they are not bad enough already. These problems and others are the results of lack of tax dollars available, relative to need.

Here are some details that everybody needs to be reminded about :- CLICK HERE



2. Here are some ideas for what should be done about it, starting with Ottawa Citizen publisher Russell Mills' warnings about what is wrong in Canada and what must be done to fix it, in his speech at an O.C.R.I. awards dinner in Ottawa on Wednesday, March 29th 2000




3. I have to publicise a demand for proper treatment in my own case, by H.R.D.C and others - because, in the 21 years since I came here from the U.K. to work as a professional engineer, I have met far too many people in Canada who do not bother to do things properly, or do not care, or both, and as a result have been unemployed for most of that time.

Further, with respect to getting work, I require an ON-SITE placement or Targeted Wage Subsidy placement and recognition of my U.K. engineering qualifications and experience, without delay, as the means to get work as a software developer or professional engineer and become a contributor to the tax base. Currently (December 2006) my preference is to work for Suncor Inc. in Fort McMurray, Alberta, but my ideas are not restricted to this.

In addition, I demand the removal of lawyer Jonathan P. Langsner from the Legal Services department of H.R.D.C., and his expulsion from the legal profession, for incompetence. This demand is supported by documentation displayed elsewhere on this web site

 Here are some details of WHY:- CLICK HERE


4. Like other people in my position, I have a vested interest in not being talked-down to by people who dont know what they are talking about and dont care.

For this reason, I have been doing certain work behind the scenes to bring about a solution to Canada s economic problems, which is the basis for solving the unemployment problem.

 Further, certain people in positions of authority have listened to what I have to say, starting on March 9th 1994 when I appeared before the federal Standing Committee on Human Resources Development.  

More recently (1998/ 1999), I was advising - on a voluntary basis - the Partners for Jobs Task Force set up by former R.M.O.C. Chair Bob Chiarelli (who was then Mayor of the City of Ottawa up to November 2006). You will find proof of what I have just said on this web site. Other work I have done since 1999 is covered elsewhere.



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