Allan R. Taylor, former President and C.E.O. of the Royal Bank of Canada


Behaviours, in conjunction with others:--


1. In July 1991, SNC President and C.E.O. Guy Saint-Pierre allowed an entire floor of office furniture at SNC s Montreal , Quebec H.Q. to be seized for non-payment of Court judgement in my wrongful dismissal suit. He either would not or could not discipline SNC s law firm, Dunton Rainville, Toupin and Perreault.


2. In August 1991, after SNC still did not pay, Guy Saint-Pierre allowed  SNC s Royal Bank of Canada account to be seized. He was also a Director of the Royal Bank at the time and was still kept on by then-President and C.E.O. Allan R. Taylor and his nominated successor John E. Cleghorn even after I sent them documented reports about Guy Saint-Pierre s conduct.


3.  Shortly after this happened, I was told by my own lawyer – William I. Miller, Q.C. – that SNC had fired their own  law firm, namely Dunton Rainville, Toupin and Perreault


4.  After I told Guy Saint-Pierre to pay me $1.5 million in return for keeping quiet, and copying the letter(s) to Allan R. Taylor and John E. Cleghorn, he responded merely by pointing to my legal case which he claimed settled the dispute between me and SNC fully and  satisfactorily, and said he would turn the matter over to lawyers again if he saw fit. He was supported in this by letters to me from the Royal Bank’s *R.F. (Rob) Edwards on behalf of both Taylor and Cleghorn, and also from a Michel Corbeil who was assistant to the late Quebec Premier  Robert Bourassa; all dismissed it as a  - quote - legal matter – unquote -  as an excuse for doing nothing. All this amounted to was an excuse by all of them to feed large sums of money to lawyers, so as to force me to do likewise which they all knew I could not do. As such, it was mere business snobbery in the most odious and objectionable form designed to cover up blatantly obvious corruption on the part of a small and narrow-minded social and professional  clique - consisting of  Guy Saint-Pierre, Allan R. Taylor, John E. Cleghorn, R.F. (Rob) Edwards, (Premier Bourassa s) Michel Corbeil and their lawyers. Guy Saint-Pierre s stance, in particul;ar, had no credibility whatsoever when he had fired SNC s own law firm for their conduct.


5. Guy Saint-Pierre, Allan R. Taylor, John E. Cleghorn, and  (Premier Bourassa s) Michel Corbeil and their lawyers were all parties to the corruption described.


6. The above events coincided with the take-over of Lavalin Inc. by SNC, after Lavalin Inc. got into insuperable financial difficulties. SNC paid a reported $90 million to purchase Lavalin’s assets from a consortium of 9 banks which had seized them. Thus SNC and Guy Saint-Pierre, by allowing SNC s Royal Bank account to be seized, hazarded the continued operation of both SNC and Lavalin and hence the contracts which were their sources of revenues.


7. Later, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, John E. Cleghorn succeeded Allan R. Taylor as President and C.E.O of the Royal Bank of Canada. He also became a Director of  SNC-Lavalin. Later still, he retired as President and C.E.O. of the Royal Bank and became Chairman of the Board of SNC-Lavalin replacing Guy Saint-Pierre who then became  Chairman of the Board of the Royal Bank of Canada; thus there was what appears to have been a straight swap between the  two men.


* Note : *R.F. (Rob) Edwards – in 1992, he was Manager, Quality Coordination at Royal Bank of Canada, Head Office, P.O. Box 6001, Montreal, Quebec H3C 3A9


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1. Mr. Taylor has been Director of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research since 1995  CLICK HERE


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2. Mr Taylor s  ideas on corporate social responsibility:-   CLICK HERE

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Quote: (Mr. Taylor gave the said Wilder Penfield lecture in the mid-1990 s) – quote - In the Wilder Penfield lecture, Taylor argued that – quote - the modern corporation is something more than an economic institution —— it is clearly a social one as well, - unquote  and so – quote - it must accept community responsibilities as well as private obligations, and play a role in insuring and strengthening the society which gives it existence. Business does not operate in a vacuum - it is part of the society in which it operates and its health depends on society s health.- unquote


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