Guy Saint-Pierre and his election to the Order of Canada in 1992. I objected to it, in writing, but it had already been decided - behind closed doors.


In the Globe and Mail of June 25th 1992, Guy Saint­ Pierre s then‑forthcoming Order of Canada award was announced. This and other Order of Canada investitures were set for Oc­tober 21st 1992.


A complaint by me to Beryl Gaffney, M.P. for Nepean and Allan Khoury, M.P. for Hochelaga‑Maisonneuve, produced no action. Both were provided with full documentation; it subsequently transpired that M.P.s are not allowed to do anything about the questionable corporate behaviours  already referred to.


A subsequent complaint by me to both Governor-General Ray Hnatyshyn and to the Chairman of the Advisory Council on Awards The Right Honourable Antonio Lamer, who was also Chief Justice of the Supreme court of Canada ‑ also produced no action because the whole awards process was done behind closed doors with no opportunity for objection from members of the public with legitimate reasons for making them. Again, both these people were provided with full documentation. The position was clear from this reply to me from Gordon Lewis - Director, Honours - dated October 14th 1992.

The lawyers who acted for me against SNC and won my case (in 1991) also could not do anything ‑ because it was a political matter, as shown by  the letter to me from William I. Miller, Q.C., dated September 14th 1992. The law firm may also have been concerned about possible trouble with Chief Justice Antonio Lamer ‑ who also sat on the Disciplinary Committee of the Quebec Bar Association, in addition to being Chairman of the Advisory Council on Awards which recommended Guy Saint-Pierre s award.


On November 17th 1992, I wrote to Beryl Gaffney, M.P. for Nepean, again , complaining about this state of affairs and pointing out other indications of conflict-of interest and corruption. Again, however, Beryl Gaffney took no action at all and gave me no guidance whatsoever as to what should be done to stop the corruption that was clearly going on.


(EX. P 04)


On February 4th 1993, I wrote one more time to Beryl Gaffney,, this time - among other things -  showing how the SNC business was making it impossible for me to even access any retraining, apart from anything else. One of the other things that I pointed out was my efforts to solicit help as far back as 1983 from my then-M.P. in Montreal who proved to be none other than Prime Minister P.E. Trudeau. There were also four questions for then-Minister for Immigration and Employment Bernard Valcourt


In her reply dated March 9th 1993, Beryl Gaffney again took no action at all and gave me no guidance whatsoever as to what should be done to stop the corruption that was clearly going on. Quote from the letter:-


There were really four major questions in your February 4th letter

that you wanted me to ask of the Minister. To be honest with you,

I felt all were out of line for me as a Member of Parliament to ask



This was just a blatant case of allowing protocol, or what is known as political correctness, to be the reason for not asking questions of the Minister – in private or in public – and hence doing nothing to solve the problem. Political correctness in any form has no business here. PERIOD!




Try not to be too discouraged with your lack of employment. Something will come your



Well, it never did – right up to 2011. Nothing ever works in Canada – because Canada is a nation of liars who INTEND that nothing will work for people out of work.



The reader is left to make his / her own judgements about the morality of all this.


One question: what will prospective immigrants to Canada think about this sort of thing, and how everybody ignored it in order to cover up the questionable behaviours involved?