Jean-Paul Gourdeau, former President and C.E.O. of SNC:-




■ In 1985, SNC s then-President and C.E.O. Jean-Paul Gourdeau co-chaired the 1985 Centraide fund-raising campaign and got his picture in the Montreal Gazette when his co-chairmanship was announced,  along with the 1985 fund raising target of $17 million. He got more publicity later, when the campaign concluded with the target of $17 million being exceeded.


(Reminder - Centraide is the Montreal, Quebec branch of The United Way, a charitable fund-raising organization known throughout North America)


■ SNC had themselves written up in the first edition of The 100 Best Companies to Work For in Canada, a book published in 1986. Soon after that, they exploited this on at least two occasions in recruiting advertisements in the Montreal Gazette newspaper. At the same time, SNC themselves chose the people who were to be interviewed by the authors of the book, a sampling method which SNC could have exploited to select people who could be persuaded to generate impressions favourable to SNC. At the time, SNC s President and C.E.O. was Jean Paul Gourdeau



■ In February 1987, Mr. A.J. Fisher – Service Officer of 306 Wing, Royal Canadian Air Force Association – wrote on my behalf to Jean Paul Gourdeau, then-President and C.E.O. of SNC, as the first step in an effort to negotiate a satisfactory out-of-court settlement. This  resulted in SNC s lawyers agreeing to meet with my lawyer in April 1987 but I myself was not allowed to participate in the meeting. SNC s lawyers exploited the situation to waste time  and there was no settlement. This took place after SNC had itself written up in The 100 Best Companies to Work For in Canada (published in March 1986), then exploiting this in a ploy to recruit employees, and after SNC and Jean-Paul Gourdeau had got themselves favourable publicity through their involvement with Centraide’s 1985 fund-raising campaign


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