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Questionable behaviour involving apparent wilful attempts to obstruct, pervert of defeat the course of justice. Criminal Code, Section 139


During the time of his involvement with my case, he appeared to me to be playing little games of  - telephone tag - to waste the time of my then-lawyer, I. S. Mass, and reneging on promises. Details are elsewhere on this site, in a report I prepared in June 1983 for the media and others; this report was seen and approved by Mr. Mass – who, incidentally, is now (April 2006) Mr. Justice Israel Mass of the Quebec Superior Court.





He was SNC s in-house legal counsel at the time I was forced to start legal action in December 1982. He was involved from then until about May 1983.


He is currently in the Canadian Law List which contains the following information:-

Raymond Favreau
Called to the bar: 1960 (PQ)

SNC Lavalin Group Inc.
2 Place Felix Martin
455 boul. René-Lévesque o.
Montréal, PQ, H2Z 1Z3
Phone: (514) 393-1000
Fax: (514) 866-5057
Email: raymond.favreau@snc-lavalin.com


The following Internet posting mentions his involvement as one of SNC-Lavalin s in-house legal counsel in closing, on July 29th 2005, a concession agreement for the design, construction, partial financing, operation and maintenance of a 19.5 km rapid transit line connecting downtown Vancouver with the City of Richmond and Vancouver International Airport (YVR):-



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