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1. Another Dunton, Rainville lawyer - Madam Justice Courteau – appointed as a Judge to Quebec Superior Court in 1998. She was practising at Dunton, Rainville between 1982 and 1985. See:-




2. Currently (2006) Dunton Rainville are on the British High Commission s list of recommended lawyers. I am left wondering WHY. See:-




- or, if this is – conveniently – removed from the world wide web - CLICK HERE


3. In the La Presse newspaper on June 12th 1990, from my  standpoint they falsely advertised  themselves as having a tradition of quality, devotion and competence. This was just another instance of a corporate body fabricating a public image for its own benefit, but then behaving in private in a manner which ran counter to their public image. Typically Canadian, and more particularly French Canadian, from my standpoint.  CLICK HERE


They also announce the appointment of Guy Lauzon who was still practising there on June 28, 2006. See:-