The book referred to here, The 100 Best Companies to Work for in Canada ( first edition, published 1986), was written by Eva Innes, Robert  L. Perry and Jim Lyon, with backing from The Financial Post newspaper.


Following a tip-off from me to the authors during a phone-in radio broadcast, SNC were dropped from the 1991 edition of  The 100 Best Companies to Work For in Canada


On page 2 of the 1986 Edition, they explain – quote - We asked the companies to select the people for us, but the interview sessions were generally held in private. Employees were encouraged to be frank and balanced in their comments, and very few of these discussions failed to reveal some negative as well as positive points about the company - unquote


Obviously, though, any company with corrupt intentions – for instance, to have themselves portrayed publicly as good employers in contradiction to their behaviour in private towards someone they take a dislike to – will take advantage of this, to select interviewees whom they think they can rely upon to be yes-men, or some such.


With respect to the behaviours below, serious questions are in order concerning whether offences or quasi-offences were committed under the Acts referred to below. The author asserts that, beyond doubt, the spirit of the law was broken, if nothing else


2. Combines Investigation Act (Federal Statutes)


Apparent false or misleading advertising - concerning being – quote – good – unquote - employers:


2.1 Various self‑serving statements that the company is – quote –considerate – unquote - and

that –quote - ...this even applies to the way layoffs are handled...-unquote - as detailed in The 100 Best

Companies to Work For in Canada published by Collins of Toronto in March 1986,

based on hearsay evidence attributed to groups of employees who were selected by

SNC and not by any scientific method such as random sampling conducted by

impartial outsiders





2.2 Two advertisements in the Careers section of the Gazette dated March 22nd 1986 and  April 12th 1986 in which SNC is portrayed as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in Canada based on the apparent falsehoods described in 2.1 above.


2.3 Apparent false representation of SNC as one of six Great Companies to Work For and How They Got That Way as detailed in Canadian Business, September 1984 issue.  CLICK HERE


2.4  Apparent false representation of SNC as good employers on the basis of this same article, being hearsay evidence, by SNC Chairman Camille Dagenais in SNC's Annual Report for 1984, in the Chairman s Message.  CLICK HERE



3. Quebec Consumer Protection Act (Quebec Statutes


3.1. Apparent false or misleading representations to consumers as detailed under para. 2 above under the Combines Investigation Act.


Contrary to Sections 219, 228 and 238 of Quebec Consumer Protection Act.


3.2. As an advertiser, SNC have apparently relied on data or analyses falsely presented as scientific, in order to fabricate an impression of being good employers.


Contrary to Section 239(b) of Quebec Consumer Protection Act.


(ex. P 28)